Do You Still Need An Architect When Your Contractor Suggests Design-Build?

Design-Build is a popular term in the construction world these days, basically it means that you hire a single company / firm / person to both design and construct your project. I have worked on several design-build projects and they can be a great way to streamline a project, they can also be a real […]

10 Reasons To Hire an Architect

Why should you hire an Architect? There are quite a few reasons. I have listed the top ten.

From The Way Back Machine: 8 Reasons to Employ an Architect

Some 73 year old words of wisdom from The Handbook of Architectural Practice, c 1943: The Value of the Architect Eight Reasons for Employing One I. As in matters of health, one needs a Doctor and in legal matters one needs a Lawyer, so in the matter of a building with its infinite variety of […]

Top 10 Questions to Ask When Interviewing an Architect

If you have never worked with an architect, you may be asking yourself, what questions should I be asking during the interview process? Here is list of 10 basics: 1. Is the architect interested in this project? 2. What is the architect’s current work load, how busy is the architect? 3. What steps or phases […]